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You’ve probably heard of Dry Cupping. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Victoria Beckham have all had documented using Dry Cupping, sporting the signature circular marks on the red carpet. Maybe you’ve heard your friends talking about it, maybe even raving about it and think: is this for me? I know what you could be thinking: creating vacuums on my skin? Do I really need to be pursuing this?

Maybe it sounds a little strange or new wave- though rest assured: dry cupping is nothing new. Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t the first and she surely isn’t going to be the last. Dry Cupping dates back almost 5,000 years as an adjunct therapy to Acupuncture.
Maybe you’re wondering what it’s actually going to achieve. Like, what’s the point of sucking at my skin? Is it nothing more than a glorified hickey that people are just doing because celebrities are? Rest assured- it is no fad. Just like in acupuncture, it is able to hit larger areas that can improve your health- it’s just instead of actual puncture, it literally provokes metabolism of old and unhealthy tissues to turn into new tissues.

Cat-photo-4The idea is that the suction from the cups lifts the areas and improves blood and lymphatic flow, promotes regeneration of new tissues. It’s like the concept of a massage, where you pull up on a muscle instead of pushing down on it to provide relief.

I know that seeing the pictures can be alarming. You could be thinking- wow that has to hurt. But it doesn’t. Skin marking is common from the treatment though it should not be painful or uncomfortable. Actually if it has any major discomfort, you are actually encouraged to stop.
Also, if you’ve heard anything about punctures or fire and that freaks you out- those aren’t necessary at all. In the traditional method, called fire cupping, a ball of burning cotton is briefly placed inside a glass cup to heat the air inside, which then creates a partial vacuum as it cools. Meridius Dry Cupping kit doesn’t use fire, but uses hand suction to create that vacuum. It a no puncture, no fire, safe way of getting the benefits from Cupping without being too dangerous.
And finally the most important question should be: am I in pain? You’re not here because the traditional methods have helped you- if you’re in pain, you deserve that relief. Whether you have back pain post pregnancy, are suffering from painful menstruation, have chronic pain, or are looking for a possible solution for anxiety or even cellulite, dry cupping could be a possible solution. No one deserves pain and you definitely deserve to live your life. You deserve to be out on the town, with friends and family, experiencing all you need to experience and dry cupping could facilitate that. Dry cupping has been noted to relieve pain for about two weeks and is a viable solution for many people with chronic pain, painful menstruation, lingering back pain and many other conditions.

If you’re in pain and you need to try something new- what are you waiting for? Try dry cupping with Meredius and live your life.



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