Delivery To Countries Not In The EU

We can send order to almost all countries around the world. 

You are able to select available countries during the checkout process, and calculate the shipping cost.

International orders are sent via DHL. dhl logo

Please be aware that any parcel travelling outside of the EU could potentially be subject to customs charges, taxes, fees, rules and regulations of the country it is being sent to.

  • These rules and regulations may not allow some items to be imported into the country, without you having the relevant permission, licences, certificates, paperwork or qualifications.
  • Each country may have its own rules and regulations on what can be received into the country and what Taxes, fees are due on a parcel.
  • AcuPrime® do not have any control of this and it is responsibility of the customer who is receiving the parcel to make sure they are able to receive the items.
  • AucPrime® is unable to provide any indication as to whether a customs charge will be applied to your parcel and if so, how much this will be and what citification you may require.
  • This decision is made by the relevant authorities in the country that the parcel is being sent to. It is your responsibility to provide the customs with the correct citification and pay any Taxes, fees to get your parcel released from customs.

AcuPrime® will not be able to refund the cost of shipping or items on any orders that were not received by the customer due to the relevant permission, licences, certificates, paperwork or qualifications be presented by the cutstomer, or taxes and fees not being paid by the customer.