Kineisology Tape

Question: Recently I joined a gym in my neighborhood and after getting off to a good start my body hurts all over. I can’t even walk. I‘ve been suffering almost a week now. The most affected parts are my shoulders. How can I get rid of this pain? Answer: You are experiencing a condition called […]

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Meridius Cupping

You’ve probably heard of Dry Cupping. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Victoria Beckham have all had documented using Dry Cupping, sporting the signature circular marks on the red carpet. Maybe you’ve heard your friends talking about it, maybe even raving about it and think: is this for me? I know what you could […]

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Adapta Tape

You’ve probably seen them: whether at sporting events, footage of the olympics or even just at your local gym- these people walking around with brightly colored tape over arms, legs, shoulders, and wherever else. You’ve probably wondered: is this a fashion trend? Are people walking around with tape now? Is it some sort of day […]

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