ORCA Resolve Silver Handle Acupuncture Needles

ORCA stands for Original Chinese Acupuncture, and these needles are commonly used by traditional Chinese schools of acupuncture.

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The traditional Chinese expertise utilised in making these acupuncture needles means they are a popular choice amongst acupuncture practitioners worldwide. High grade surgical stainless steel with FDA approved silicone coating make the insertion painless.

• Made of surgical grade stainless steel.

• Low nickel content.

• Traditional loop end handle.

• Sterilised by EO Gas (Ethylene Oxide) offers a 3-year sterilisation after production.

• Silver plated wired handle.

• Disposable single-use Chinese style needle.

• 5 needles with one guide tube per blister.

• 500pcs per box.

• Silicon coated

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